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Thanks Amber Millington

((Listen this)) Well I must start by saying thank you. Thanks for all those times that things went wrong and you just were you doing a face or a joke, girl you made the smile of all. Thanks for being a great friend to all. Some misjudge Amber, she is not the typical blonde, she’s smart, sweet, kind, is funny, charismatic do you have one day to tell you all the good that defines amber?. Thanks for making Sibuna, because without it there would Sibuna, without perhaps never have Sibuna members there now. I can not imagine an HOA without Amber, she is one of the best characters. Also thanks to Ana to make this character come alive. I must admit that I have many tears in my eyes, because when one becomes attached to a character and then just leave, it’s like a part of yourself away. But maybe you have to see much of this, she is going to fulfill his dream, his vision to show the world, she is powerful, she has that ‘something’ that talent, will be very successful in the fashion world. It makes me very sad to know that their work is done, and now is time for a new chapter in the life of Amber, yet happy. Well, maybe she’s right, your work is done and now it’s time to show his magic in fashion school, but rest assured that will never be forgotten. Long live Amber Millington.

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House of Anubis cast twitter/instagram bios (part 1)

House of Anubis cast twitter/instagram bios (part 1)

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Fabian: You know you’re the one, right?Nina: The chosen one.Fabian: Well, my chosen one.

Fabian: You know you’re the one, right?
Nina: The chosen one.
Fabian: Well, my chosen one.

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Brad Kavanagh - As The bells Rings

Stop being so cites Fabian stoppp!! 😱

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We’ll miss you Tasie :’(


We’ll miss you Tasie :’(

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hey this is just a very normal and serious text post with no hidden meaning whatsoever

that’s good to kno

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Patricia and her seasonal dumping liquid on people

Patricia and her seasonal dumping liquid on people

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3x02 “House of Presents”

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You are totally not cool with it.